Wednesday, August 15, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - The Promo Sexual

Last night, I went out with a group of friends to see THE MEG.  ...Actually, this was my second viewing of THE MEG, I had seen it the prior Friday with muh pal Geoff Meed.  It's not that great a movie, but I went the second time, just to be with my friends.  I'm so busy, I'll take any opportunity I can get for quality time.  And, I found the movie to be, at least, entertaining and fun in some parts. 

Anyway, as we were leaving we spied a really neato statue of a PREDATOR to promote the upcoming movie.  I don't know how this started, but now, when I see a stand up promo for a movie, I have to go down on my knees and blow it!  I can't resist!

Actually, I think the Predator really enjoyed it, so no harm , no foul, right?

Speaking of fowl...

I should be so Lucky

I felt pervy when someone reminded me that this guy was a TEENAGER 
But 19 is still teen AND legal!

I think I have a thing for heros

And The Rock! 

I'll just say Batman was not so serious when I was done. 

So, yeah, that's it one of my favorite movie going experiences...
and This Is Why I Am Single;
 I can't resist blowing movie characters in public.

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