Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Getting Out - Don't Clown Around!

See that weirdo next to me in the pic up above?  That's Brett, we've been Super Pals since 2001 and I've learned more than my share from this guy.  One of the most important lessons has been, if someone asks you to do something with them, don't just say, "yeah" say, "FUCK, YEAH!!"  Let people know how much spending time with them means to you.  Of course, this lesson is applied to dating situations (and gauging someone else's interest in you...), but since I don't date much, I've learned to apply to beloved friends, as well.  When Brett asked if I wanted to see IT 2, I texted back, FUCK YEAH!  So why was I even surprised (ever so delightfully so,) when Brett showed up at the Cinerama Dome in full Pennywise make-up?   Brett is all FUCK, YEAH!

It's a rule I've tried to live by for a good number of years, now, but Mark Manson took control a few years back and created a FUCK YES LAW right HERE, that could stand to be read again.

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