Monday, October 21, 2019

Too Busy For Love - Year of the Crown Part 1

You know I've been lamenting how busy I've been, and these last few months have been crazy, but I assure you, it's not just a cute heading for my blog.  I've been so busy, it's taken a year for me to post this tidbit.   About half of my 2018 was dedicated to BEST IN DRAG SHOW, a fundraiser for Alliance For Housing and Healing, as well as for Aid for AIDS.

It started in April, when I auditioned.

Once I found out about the auditions I got to work getting the idea for my show together.  I had to come up with 4 categories; INTRO



Evening Gown/Interview

 And they announced their six contestants
David Anthony Flores (Miss Washington), me (Miss Texas), John Green (Miss New York), Andrew Felix Garside (Miss California) and Philip Watrous (Miss Louisiana)- Not pictured Jason De Puy (Miss Colorado)

Once I found out I made it into the show, I had 5 months to get it all together.  I immediately went to Carol at Carol's Bridal.  She's who I usually run to to get my dresses made.  She said, "Sure! Get the fabric and I will make these."  She immediately got started on my Intro dress.

Later, I realized that Carol and I  hadn't discussed fabrics and construction strategies, (really, what fabric does one use to make a Nacho Poncho that stays crisp on the catwalk?) so, I decided I needed some advice.  I remembered that my friend John Coulter usually had fabulous Halloween costumes;
John the Rock-n-roller and me as The Virgin Murray

 I made a call and invited him to breakfast to show him my costume designs for advice & wisdom.  He took a gander and said he would give it some thought.  The next morning he called and said he would make my costumes!  I was all "WHAAAAAAT?"  That was an amazing and miraculous blessing!  I shared my budget and John went to work!  He sent me photos of stuff in the works.

We discussed new ideas and he improved on my original designs and ideas.  I did my part crafting a few details

with a little help from friends
Here's Brett helping me figure stuff out and put it together

like my Intro Blue Bonnet head piece,

 rigging the pecans that would drop right under my my dress on cue and these Dora the Explorer shoes that would be the cherubs in my Lady of Guadalupe evening gown...

Before I knew it, a few months had passed and it was time for the photo shoot for pics used in the show 

to promote the show

and for the BIDS calendar
Miss May with Alam Wernick
(and for a peek at his naughty twitter click here)

Might I say, the Calendar shoot was my favorite part?

With the main photography done, and publicity for the show going out, I had just a month and a half before the show! 

I'm really busy, so I'll show you the show tomorrow!

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