Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Gay of A Certain Age - The Falcon and the Go Man

Happy new Decade, Folks!!
I know many of you are anxiously waiting to find out if I got a calendar without dead porn stars in it, so here's the news... I flipped every page of my HOT HOUSE 2019 Calendar without seeing one dead porn star!  I was very excited.  I was also slightly disappointed that Austin Wolf's month photo was a rear view, with most of his delicious frontage turned away from my craving eyes.  Sure, he’s got a nice tush, but I would so enjoy a 30 day gander at his furry pecs.

 (Sure, he was on the cover, but that’s mightily inconvenient to flip every day to for just a loving glance.)

I am pleased to announce that my favorite of the year was Mr. December, Sean Maygers, of whom I had never heard.
  I checked out a bit of his reel and, based on the photo, was pleasantly surprised by his luscious deep voice.  I also enjoyed his hard work. Thank you HOT HOUSE!

So, here’s to another year, hoping to happily flip through the months without being struck by the boner killing face of a recycled dead porn star. (Like I saw consistently in COLT MEN Calendars)
This year I went with THE MEN OF FALCON based on the cover photo, their great history and the fact that I had only 4 or 5 choices!
It’s getting crazy hard to find a nice porn star boner calendar these days!  A lot of the fun bookstores have closed down and Barnes & Noble must have them hidden somewhere away from the
Don’t Fuck With Cats, Dog Shaming  and those gross exploitative SPORTS ILLUSTRATED girlie calendars.

It’s not easy choosing these from Amazon, which is what I did, because they give you very little to go on and it makes me so reluctant to try a brand I’m not familiar with. I need a little bit of a sample to make sure the images are clear, well lit and tasteful.  And real classy, you know?
'Cause, as a Gay of A Certain Age, if you gotta watch time fly by, it might as well be with classy  view of a porn star's boner!

Speaking of classy, I also posed for the BEST IN DRAG SHOW 2020 Calendar

and if you like your porn stars tastefully (and strategically) posed with some drag on the side, you should definitely get your Calendar HERE.

Tell 'em Reba Areba Sent you!

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