Saturday, September 18, 2021

Too Busy For Love: Hot Dogs and Power Bottoms

 Of course I'd love to come over
and help you figure out the
net carbs of root vegetables
when covered in lube,
but I'm too busy!

One of the things I've been very busy with
is putting on a dress
and hosting 
Mario Diaz's club
at El Cid on Sunset.
(me & GoGoZaddy)

Every Sunday night,
(my night was July 18)

Mario has his hunky crew
come out in their Sunday least

to dance,
while the hostess greets folk
and helps them select a cup color.
As you can see on my night the code was;
Pink cup for Fem Tops
Blue cup for Power Bottoms
Red cup for those Down To Fuck
Black cup for those Dead Inside
Half the fun of hostessing 
is helping people figure out which cup they want...
some of them honestly don't know,
but there are those guys you know want the blue cup, but are shy...
so one tries to nudge them to be themselves and advertise their
Venus Flytrap Holes.

This week a new code was introduced
and it looks like my very own blog has received a tribute
by way of the Black cup!
It may be a coincidence, but I'll take it!
(Stolen from the Hot Dog Facebook Page)

All said,
it's a fun night of hot men,
delicious drinks
and a lovely patio setting.

Did I mention that
 my view from the hostess stand
was none too bad?

I hope Mario has Frieda back soon,
and that she is welcome back with open arms. these

But you don't have to wait for Frieda!
Hot Dog is every Sunday night from 4pm-2am!

Save time and get your tix now

So while I'd love to test your
greasy tuber,
I can't, I'm too busy!!

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