Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - Gray Garden

I try not to look in the mirror too much, because when I do I always find something else! Remember the time I found a gray pubey?  And the gray in my beard and on my head has been around for quite a while. Then, I was playing with my nipples in the mirror as I often do, when I suddenly spied my first gray chest hairs!
Can you see them? They're RIGHT THERE!  Click the picture to make it larger and you'll see!  Alright, I'm not typically a "I'm getting old" whiner, but the last solid black patch on me is gone.  The thing is, I'm not attracting anyone anyway, so I'm not saying I feel less attractive.  I guess I'm just saying that there're always little reminders that life is moving forward, whether you're ready or not, so jump on board!  Do what you want to do, see what you want to see and do a push up or twenty!  Jeeeze!   What does it matter, anyway?  I'm probably going to have to buzz those gray fuckers right off for the show this weekend.  I'm trying to keep all my costumes above the collarbone so that I don't have to lose my chest hair, but something tells me I didn't think everything through and I'm gonna have to bid them "Adios" and fret about them three to four weeks later. 

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I guess I'm just going to have to get used to seeing colorless hairs crop up in all of my Gray Gardens, they are no longer an event.

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