Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - Poor Straight Guy

I've been so busy watching T.V., going to shows, editing photos and performing, that I almost forgot I had a run in!  Back in June I tweeted, "If you're celebrating #StraightPrideDay, you're the reason we still need a Gay Pride Day".  Then I got this response & exchange...
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What an ass.  My first response was going to be "No, you should be ashamed of your attitude."  but I thought I'd engage for a sec (Granted that sec was over the span of a few days, because I wasn't all that concerned with his opinion...) His ignorance and arrogance are astounding, but how great it must be that your greatest struggle in life is figuring out the next snarky comment your gonna make.

There isn't enough space on Twitter to respond with as much information that I wanted to give him, so I had to boil my answer down to "in essence, yes" in my response to his baiting question.  I wanted to explain to him that while I do not see myself as a victim, many LGBTQ people are victims of discrimination, abuse and violence simply because of who they are.  If he is actually straight, he has probably never had to face any bullying based on his sexual interest in girls; he probably never had to hide his feelings for the opposite sex for fear of losing his family, job or home; he probably never felt the deep sorrow for fellow heterosexuals who we gunned down, strung up on a fence or thrown off of a towering roof because of their sexuality.  It seems his only torment has been trying to find someone to tell him what he should feel guilty about, so that he can deny it.  When he, and people like him, see a Gay Pride Parade, all they see is the flaunting, gyrating and debauchery of fags, dykes, trannies and impossibly muscled hot fuckers in Speedos.  They don't see the group of people who are rejoicing and singing in the sunlight they they had been denied in their closets, where they were once forced to hide.  They don't see the people who love as God made them, shouting to those others still living in fear of being as God made them to COME OUT! WE ARE HERE! WE WELCOME YOU!  BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  He, and others like him, see this as a threat, because we are no longer hiding in the shadows, trying to find love in dark corners, alleyways and impossibly steeply cover-charged out-of-the-way clubs with over-priced drinks and impossibly muscled hot bartenders.  He does not like seeing the numbers of us there in the street, because it makes it harder for him to squelch us, marginalize us or bully us.

Hopefully, my final comment to him will sink in a little and he can try to see things from other points of view.  As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know it's not his fault he was born white, with no apparent struggles that he's needed to over come and ignorant to issues that do not affect him personally; someone who takes for granted how easy it is when you don't have to hide who you are; who doesn't realize that every day is Straight Pride Day.  However, it is his fault he trolls social media bullying people, trying to get people to attack him... all I need say is this, which I found on the Interwebs:

AND, lest you feel I have not flaunted enough, here is how I spent my Gay Pride Day-
with friends

...and ogling hot bodied, hot fuckers 

in Speedos!

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