Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Here's To... Being Single

"I'd like to propose a toast!  Here's to the ladies who lunch...alone."
That's how the song would go if Stephen Sondheim had gone the other direction with COMPANY.
I'll tell you, right now, being busy with rehearsals, work, and keeping in touch with friends, I am so happy being single right now.  I can't imagine squeezing someone else's needs in with mine. Sure, my ideal mate would know to practice his independence and allow me to have mine and we'd co-exist with each other in close proximity without having to entangle for a few days, but I haven't found that, yet.  I'm not saying I don't want to care about anyone, ever, and that I see a mate as some co-dependent appendage hellbent on keeping me from doing the things I need to do, the way I want to do them.  I'm just saying that it's nice not to worry about someone else on top of everything else.  Even if I did have an understanding mate, I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy my freedom with them, because I'd feel guilty for being apart. BUT I don't have to worry!!

As if my busy schedule and activities weren't enough to keep me buoyant, there's THIS!
A little something to support my non-guilt for not feeling guilty!

Don't worry, I Checked it out and VICE is not a parody publication


  1. I tend to see relationships as ME having to TAKE CARE of someone else. I would rather, at the end of the day, just take care of me. I am happily single.

  2. I totally get that... for all the things I stay busy with lately, when I think about doing research on OKCupid or some other sight, and just try, I shrug and I say, meh. Thanks for sharing the article, too. :)