Monday, August 8, 2016

Getting Out FAIL - PROUD DTLA!

Yesterday, a great thing happened! Downtown Los Angeles came alive with its first ever Gay Pride event!  Certainly a historic event!

Look at these pictures that show how fun it was!
(Photo by Larry Geller)

(Photo by Natanael Miranda Rodriguez)

(Photo by Lorenzo C. Diaz)

(Photo by Steve Pride)

(Photo by Greg Hernandez)

(Photo by Steve Pride)

(Photo by Ryan Black)

Doesn't it look like a lot of fun was had by all?
What's that?  Why am I using other people's photos instead of my own?
I didn't get any photos. Except this one.

This is how my yesterday looked...
(Sad photo by Me)

Yes, I stayed in most of the day editing photos and prepping for rehearsal.
I honestly carefully considered going, but the way my day was broken up, it would have been more hassle than it was worth...

(Photo by Nicklaus Fox)

(Photo by Miguel Angel Reyes)


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