Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Trials of Man Solo - Virgins Are Doing It By Themselves

As you may remember I went to a Halloween party last weekend and wore a cute little Queen of Hearts costume.  I went to another Halloween party last night.  I need photos for my character, Reba Areba, and didn't want to repeat costumes.  Usually I just pop over to Out Of The Closet and see what cheap outfit they might have, but lately I've been really put off by their pricing.  They had crap costumes in plastic packages priced at $40 to $60!  That's the same price one would expect to pay for a NEW costume at those huge Halloween Headquarters places!  If I was running a store for charity, I'd price crap to get it out and make room for more inventory, not compete with Party City.  Luckily I went down to Long Beach on Friday and had a few minutes to hop into a discount store on Pacific and get a fancy costume in plastic for only $8.99. (Take THAT Out Of The Closet!)

I saw the Legally Blonde costume (complete with chihuahua in purse) and thought it would be a hoot to have red head Reba go as Elle Woods, but still have red hair.  Unluckily for me, as I was getting dressed, already in full make-up I discovered that these different costume packagers have different ideas of what a ladies' large is.  It was way too small, even too much to play off like a tight fit gag.  So there I was, all made-up with nothing to wear.  I dug through my costume closet and found a fairy outfit that Reba has worn before for Sketchy Queens and my other character, Frieda Laye, had worn on a few occasions.  I couldn't be too picky, so I proceeded to put it on.  Then I realized that those previous wearings had other people around.  The zipper was in the back and the wings needed to be pinned on after wearing.  It was a moment I regretted being alone. Even after getting really crafty, like attaching a lanyard on the zipper to pull it up, I couldn't manage to get to go all the way up.
Even if that had worked, I'd have to leave the huge black lanyard thingy hanging on there so I could get the thing off again.  Still, I didn't have anyone around to help with the wings.  Wouldn't it have been nice if I had a boyfriend around to help me get into a costume.  Like this guy, maybe...
He'd be all, "Honey, can I help you with that? We gotta go."

Alas, I didn't have a shirtless KISS guy around, so I had to go back to the closet and dig out another costume that I could get into by myself.  I ended up with the virgin costume that both Frieda Laye

And I have worn recently...

I really wanted something new and different, but I was alone and had to settle for the costume that I could pull over my head.  Nobody at the party even knows who Frieda Laye is or that I wore this before, so it was new to them and I had a nice time.  Still, wearing a new costume and having a shirtless KISS guy around would have been nice; so are The Trials of Man Solo...


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