Sunday, October 23, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - The Sting of Rejection

I am truly grateful for my gift from Brett and I've worn it every day (It goes with everything!) but my body seems to have, again, come between me and fitness.  The FitBit does help motivate me to move much more than I had been, that is why it is so valuable to me.  Unfortunately, it also causes me ouchies.  I have a rash and minor blistering around the band, not in the metal areas.  No. REALLY!  I'm not just making this up so that I don't have to walk! Look

Anyway, despite the rash and blisters, which aren't very painful, I'm still wearing it.  Does anyone know if this could be problematic, beyond the minor discomfort?  Like, is my hand going to fall off? Does anyone know about alternatives to the bands?  As a Gay of A Certain Age, I know it is not wise to ignore signs from one's body that there is something not right.  I'm going to look for more a solution, but will wear it until I do.    I'd love to tell you more, but this thing is telling me I gotta walk.


  1. I don't have a FitBit, but I do have an app on my iphone that measures the number of steps I take each day. Maybe this route would work for you.

  2. I was doing that, but Brett got me the FitBit because I commented that I don't have my phone with me all the time and miss out on step-counting. It's a good back up if I don't lose my hand, thanks!!