Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This Is Why I Am Single - Craft Night 2017

My favorite event of the year has come and gone.  This past weekend, I had an apartment full of friends and scissors, cutting & pasting and drinking & tasting!  There were so many people and so many cards!  
 ...And so many gays!
...and some real girls...

Honestly, I thought my little apartment might explode.  Luckily, we never got to the point of people crafting on the little patio out front.  I really enjoyed having a full house and scurrying about making sure that folks had enough to eat, drink & craft.

I played host so much, that I really didn't get a chance to craft with everyone else

Even so, I was pleased to see everyone showing off their work

...especially the naughty ones!


(I censored the naughty bits with stickers for sensitive eyes.)

Everyone seemed to have a great time, even though my special cocktail turned out to be a flop.  I followed a recipe that turned out badly and salvaged it by adding champagne.   I don't think there's anything that champagne can't help!  Well, there is that matter of not having anyone to give a Valentine to... "What about that nice looking guy who's stuck in Mexico, thanks to That Man," you ask?  More on that later.

This Is Why I Am Single; I still very much enjoy gathering with friends and cutting up!
Please, enjoy more pics!

And their cards

And my favorite of the night (By Billy Brooks)

After everyone left, I resisted going to a sexy party (Okay, I was too tired to try to get neked with another man- Also why I am single...) and crafted a few cards of my own.

 I guess I've been feeling more political than horny lately, so I guess this last one is my card of 2017

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