Tuesday, April 10, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - Texas Miss

Remember that Too Busy For Love thing?  Well, as if a full year's schedule of Chico's Angels shows ain't enough to keep me away from dating, I went and done sumpthin' real stupid.

I threw together a couple of sketches and auditioned for BEST IN DRAG SHOW.

The audition seemed to go perty well, then I got the call telling that me I am in.  I will be my character Reba Areba, gunning for the crown as Miss Texas.

I have just committed myself to designing and creating 4-5 outfits and coming up with an entertaining show; preparing 6 months for a 1 night only event.  I hadn't even considered the hidden costs, the storage of costumes & props and transport of such things... The time working on the show, and promoting it while working full time and keeping up with Chico's Angels & Reba's schedules!

Am I crazy or sumpthin'?

How do I know how much time and work it is?  Well, back, over 15 years ago, I helped my, then, roommate, Kris put his show together and played a Mexican snow cone salesman for him...

That's where I met Oscar/Kay Sedia, who was running as Miss Mexico, little did I know how much of a time suck knowing Oscar would be!

The next year I returned to help my roommate, who ran again as another character, which firmly planted me in Oscar's head...

..leading to my involvement in Chico's Angels (another reason I am single & too busy for love).

Since then, the show has evolved into BEST IN DRAG SHOW

in a huge, fancy, historic theatre in DTLA

with shirtless hunks in the lobby promoting contestants

And contestants donning fabulous colorful & creative costumes

And Kay Sedia & Dee W. Iye doing color commentary every year.

Now I've put myself in the position of ignoring hundreds of invites to paint mugs at Color Me Mine or see someone's friend's Improv group in Reseda, in order to put together costumes & a talent that matches these clever bits...


Why do it?
It's a fund raiser for Aid For AIDS and Alliance For Housing and Healing.
Stuff for Reba to post on her Instagram account.
With celebrity judges, a slight chance I'd meet Daniel Craig.
Not having to go see someone's friend's Improv group in Reseda...

All good reasons, but mostly to have fun and put on a great show!
I'm not concerned with winning ( I say that, now...) I just want to stretch my creative muscles and be part of something big, charitable and entertaining!

So, while I'd love to see the SHUSH! movie with you, I can't!  I'm too busy!
I have to prepare for this pageant!
...But first, I have to prepare two numbers for Reba Areba to sing in John Cantwell's Cinco De Mayo Show, My Connie De Mayo!

The shows are May 3 & 6 at the Cavern Club Celebrity Theatre  at the Casita Del Campo

Get tickets HERE

I have so much to do!  THIS IS WHY I AM SINGLE!!!

P.S. without revealing too much, I'm looking for a hunk with a big stick for my talent portion!

Like this Steve Siler guy, maybe?

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