Thursday, April 19, 2018

Optics - Dining With the Stars

Hey!  Here's another picture game right out of the pages of GUYLIGHTS!

Let's play OPTICS!  Above is a photo captured by a friend at another table, whilst I was dining at Cafe D'Etoile on Friday night.  Examine the photo very closely (tilt the pic if you have to) and determine what you see...

Do you see:
1:  A gay, happily delighted that he happens to be eating dinner very closely to (almost seemingly with) super talented actress lady, Sharon Gless (Star of QUEER AS CAGNEY & LACEY)?

or, do you see:

2: A tragically single gay, eating alone on a Friday night, in a fancy restaurant, shamelessly playing an old version of Angry Birds at the table, sucking it in as he twists in his chair hoping the friend taking the picture will not post it anywhere?

Which did you see?

Compare with your friends!

Remember; any way you look at it, it's all about OPTICS!

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