Thursday, September 22, 2016

F.U. Cupid - Can't Judge By Looks

I realize that I can be an ass about things, but come on!!   If you're going to have an on-line dating profile, you gotta have a photo.  If I get a message from someone without a photo, I immediately wonder what they are hiding.  If they are worried that I won't find them attractive, they SHOULD be!  I'm fairly sure that I wouldn't want to date anyone who didn't find me attractive.  So, hit me with your best (head) shot!  I might surprise you and find you attractive. So, let's get that out of the way up front.  Also, I'm not going to respond to someone I'm 95% fearing is actually Nathan Lane looking to get some--ICK!

Worse,yet, it really bothers me when someone doesn't realize I'm being as ass about things.  Click on the pic, make it larger so you can read the exchange.  I can't be with someone who doesn't KNOW.  I obviously went the rude route and instead of simply ignoring, responded with smart-asshole abandon.  Who would read my response and not think, "Wait?  I don't have a picture up, why do you say I'm good looking? Are you making fun of me, Rizz?" and then return the compliment?  I'll tell you who, the guy I'm not going to spend a dinner with, explaining my jokes, then trying to edit myself down to stuff I think he'll understand.  I know I'm tragically single.  I know I haven't been on a date in a long time.  Those facts are not going influence me to go on a date with some random, faceless guy, who wouldn't know sarcasm if it crawled up his ass and bloomed!  I'm not THAT alone.

Yes, he's probably a nice guy and I should consider that.  I did consider it and I also don't want to go out with someone who'd let me walk all over him.  I would have responded better to him if he had replied, "Ha ha, funny, asshole.  Here's my pic, so you'll know you were right without seeing it first.  Let's have a drink".  I really would have appreciated that.  And if he's a nice guy, who doesn't know any better, I've probably frustrated him and driven him to create his own blog about the troubles of dating.  Good for him, something to distract him from his inability to recognize sarcasm.

I'm fairly certain that I didn't hit "send" with my second response. I felt like an asshole enough with the first one and if he just didn't get it, who am I to make him feel bad for not getting it?  I left it so that with no response, there's a chance that I got hit by a truck and killed, before we could have a romance, marry and adopt faceless children.  I think he liked that better.

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