Monday, November 7, 2016

Too Busy For Love - Broadway Via Waikiki

I'm not avoiding you!  I swear!  I would love to have gone to the movies with you to see the one about the strange doctor, but I've been crazy busy and it's still going.  I'm back in a dress and heels, surfing and solving crimes in CHICO'S ANGELS 5-0; WAIKIKI CHICAS.

During this November leg of our run, I've starting finding more fun stuff and our timing is getting really tight.  Plus, being carried around by hunky Duke ain't none too bad, neither! (at 10 pounds lighter since our last run, I might add!).  A full schedule of work, work meetings, rehearsals, double performance days and trying to sleep somewhere in between sure has me in a tizzy.

It's all worth it, because I love doing the show.  I also love when cute mens stay after for pictures...

I also love when Celebs stop by for a few chuckles... like Debbie Gibson!

And did I mention getting to play actor with Duke?

As enjoyable as it is, it still is exhausting.  We have two more shows on Wednesday & Thursday, then on Friday I jet out to NY to catch a few shows on the Broadway.  Sounds cool, but when I think I have to close a show, gather all my crap out of the theater and get it squared away at home before getting to bed for a very early 5 hour flight, I wonder what I was thinking.  I hope I don't fall asleep at whatever show the TKTS Gods have in store for me on Friday night!  I should be fine and rested enough to enjoy the other shows I have tickets for, including: FALSETTOS, THE GREAT COMET OF 1812, THE FRONT PAGE and ON YOUR FEET.

What with all this activity, when do I have time to meet someone and fall in love?
I look forward to giving that a try when my schedule clears up a little bit in November...
Until then, see you on stage!

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