Monday, December 12, 2016

WTF - Handy Man of My Dreams

So one time I was asleep and stuff.  I was having the most delightful dream about being in love with a very handsome man.  He obviously felt the same way about me.  I could tell that by the way we simply held hands and stared in each others eyes.  I must have dreamt that all night because I could feel my body slipping from dreamworld into the faint glow of morning's light.  I tried to hang on to the dream as long as I could and felt myself drift into that middle area between and sleep and consciousness.  That's when my total delight turned into ABSOLUTE HORROR!!!!  I was half asleep but I could feel that I was actually holding somebody's hand!  WTF? Who the hell is in my bed?  Why don't I remember falling asleep with someone next to me?  As I became fully awake I slowly released the hand, as not to disturb my mysterious and unexpected guest.  Is there anything worse than waking up completely terrified?  I finally turned to see who was there.  There was no one there.  I got even more frightened because that means that I am absolutely losing my mind!  I KNOW I was holding a hand!

When I surveyed the area next to me I found Jake Ryan and an Alien.  THAT'S who it was!
That stupid Alien plushy toy!  Somehow in the night, my hand had found the sturdy, but soft toy and grasped it like a hand.  It is the exact perfect size to feel like a slightly large hand wrapped around mine.  I giggled to myself like a truly insane person. I wasn't crazy, after all.  I know I should prolly move that toy to a less sleep threatening place, but for now I'll keep him in his regular place, keeping Jake Ryan at bay...

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