Monday, December 5, 2016

Getting Out - Krampus Muh Style

I know I haven't finished telling you about my Thanksgiving adventure, but I got out of the house and I wanted to tell you about it before it got stale... So last night I went to a show with muh DAB, Dennis Hensley, and friends Ray & Carlos.  We went to see BOB'S HOLIDAY OFFICE PARTY.  Even though I missed it last year, I've been to this show every year for the last ten years or so, sometimes more than once a year.  It's a messy good time that Dennis and I have enjoyed together and this year we each brought a new person, which is another source of joy.
Watching Ray and Carlos laugh with giddy delight added to my love for this show.
Of course, amongst the many talented cast members I've seen in the show, I always get a candy cane boner for Maile Flanagan as LaDonna.

After the show, we all parted ways and I headed over to The Eagle to enjoy a little Krampus chaos.
As you know, I rarely go out to the bars & clubs because I'm an old stick in the mud old man, who'd rather sit at home alone and whine in my blog about being single, but I figured this was on the way home, so why not?  Plus, I do enjoy a great theme.

I was pleasantly surprised to happen upon some of muh DABS decked out in theme-appropriate clothings (and non-clothings). 
Hi, Dudley!  

Hi Kevin!

I also enjoyed the Jello Shot service...
who doesn't love Jello?

There was also the thrill of getting up close and personal with the Krampus Dancers
and swapping sugar cookie recipes

The ultimate thrill of the night was 
getting to spend time and bond with my dear friend

Yes, Krampus is a good friend... many

In the end, I didn't mind that I stayed a little too late (mostly because I kept hoping to get to make out with any one of my three targets, and not getting to do anything except watch helplessly as target #3 left without ever knowing my love for him and his scruffy beard.   ...And, could he have have left an hour earlier, please?)  Even without any progress on the romantic front, I was very happy that I got out and got felt up by a Christmas half-goat/half-demon, felt the warmth of the company of friends and a few gin & tonics.

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