Saturday, December 31, 2016

Single Perks - Hot Dates

I know a few of you were worried, so here's your relief!  I got my new Colt Hairy Chested Men calendar for 2017!  Again, with the help of Amazon Prime, I have my calendar of hot mens to hang in my closet to help me keep track as the days just slip away, along with my youth.  As you remember, last year I had a mini-crisis worrying that I'd have to start the new year without a hot man dangling in my closet.  ...And of course, the great thing about being single is not having anyone around getting jealous of the paper hunks, worrying that I wish I was living with them instead.  This year, I went with the hairy chested mens because, while I do enjoy a hot man in leather, I like full color photos, as opposed to the all black & white of the leather calendar.  I like the color because it adds an element of personality to the fantasy.  Also, don't think it's not driving me nuts that I have to commit to one type of guy for 12 months!  I think the the hairy chested variety will provide a more diverse collection than the restrictive leather offerings.  Now, all I have to do is hope that I don't flip a page and have to start any month off with a dead porn star looking at me!

I have hairy chested men in my closet to help start my day with a smile, them's the perks!

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