Friday, December 9, 2016

Getting Out - An Idyllwild Adventure

Finally, a moment has occurred that I may update the tens of you who visit my blog about my Thanksgiving week and valuable lessons that I learned from being in a cabin in the woods and the sexy desert gay city of Palm Springs.  Immediately, muh DAB, Dennis and I were taken by the small town charm of Idyllwild, from the local food & stuff stores
to the lovely citywide art project
to the gnome-loving tributes around town
even the one and only movie theater with one and only one showtime...
Luckily, Dennis had some screeners.
We stayed in a lot and watched movies all day... Lord knows we couldn't pass time on the internet, since it was spottier than all dalmatians pelts in Cruella's cape.  We watched EYE IN THE SKY (liked), CAPTAIN FANTASTIC (really liked), HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (really, really liked) and SING STREET (loved).  Also, we watched HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS which I've seen many times before, but is required viewing for Thanksgiving.  Of course, we took in a 7:00 showing of FANTASTIC BEASTS (liked).

We also learned how to use this thing called a hot tub.  Have you heard of that?  It was really nice...
So nice, we braved the cool weather to try it out quite often, just to make sure we were doing it right.

We were only there for four days, but we really made ourselves at home.  I made a lovely centerpiece for outdoor dining

Dennis made a dent in one of the sofas that looks just like him

And, what could be my favorite event of the week, Dennis' dog, Enzo, learned how to climb stairs for the first time and would randomly walk up and down the stairs throughout the day, just because he could.

So, Getting Out of West Hollywood for Thanksgiving seems to have been a great idea.  Aside from visiting a new place that I've never been and watching a crap load of good movies, I got to relax and not worry about much (after I accepted that the wifi signal was never going to be solid).  I really enjoyed the charm of this town.
Might I say, I would love to see the place really done up for Christmas.  We left the morning of the day they lit the town tree for the holiday.  Walking the streets at the pitch dark hour of 6:00 PM, I was treated to this little preview of things to come.

Don't let me get head of myself, I still haven't told you about Thanksgiving Day..!

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