Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Resisting

Sunday I was proud to pour myself out of bed early enough to catch a shuttle to the big #RESIST march, that happened en lieu of a Pride Parade.  I was exhausted from Friday & Saturday adventures, but thought I would feel worse if I didn't participate and let it be known to the world that I do not approve of the thing that is in the White House or what its cohorts are doing to screw us over.
I'm glad I did.  I saw some really swell signs and ran into some friends.


Muh DAB, Dennis Hensley was running a little late, so I waited for him as the march passed me by.
When he arrived, we snapped a pic and declared ourselves "The Clean Up Resistance"

Wait! Rewind! Did I mention the fellas I saw, too?

As Dennis and I made our way to West Hollywood, along with other stragglers, there were a few more sights to catch,

Including muh DAB, Bryan Thompson

Certain that we had missed the rousing speeches and words of impowerment, Dennis and I decided to resist hunger and gave our march a fitting finale.

I look back at it and think,
"With this many people in the streets, you know something is wrong and something needs to be done!"

I also look at this and think, 
"How the hell am I surrounded by this many gay guys and not meet anyone???"
I swear!  I probably would have met someone if I wasn't so busy taking pictures. Also, I had theater tickets for a 3:00 show and the Tony Awards to watch after... such full day making me... too busy for love.

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