Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Getting Out - Go Wet 2

I continued my quest of getting out of my home and into the sun by staying wet!
Thank goodness muh friends Avery & Koppany threw together a totally impromptu swimming party!

Avery is a great host!

As is Kopanny...

(you know Koppany, right?  the Gay Doctor?)

And the guest always includes fun, outgoing guys...

But not too exclusive, 'cause I'm there, right?

Plus, snacks & drink really added to the cooling off

Anyway, it was a fun, wet & wacky day

And if one were to tire of splashing around, there's a nice shady place under a fabulous tree to relax

Just put one's legs up & relax

Yes, I am grateful that my friends help me with the battle to get out of my home and into the sun for a little socializing and wetness.  I hope there is more to come, and that I don't opt to stay in my apartment editing photos instead of living them...

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