Saturday, June 10, 2017

Too Busy For Love - Another Day, Another Drag

Drag Season Continues... Today was spent, in drag, handing out condoms for LA Condom and Get Prep LA with Chita Parol (Ray Garcia).  So while I'm too busy to have sex, I'm helping those who do!  Let's face it, it's real nice to do stuff that helps people, (like giving away free condoms and providing information on PReP & PeP,)

and there are a lot of fun and interesting people all around

...the best part is seeing all the hotties and refilling my overdrawn spank bank!
Please enjoy some of those deposits...

My favorite part of it all, is joining the hotties for a pic, or two

Another great part of the day was finishing our condom duties and heading out to dinner at Bossa Nova, and running into a couple of friends

After all was ate & done, Chita and I hopped on our giant banana and SPLIT!

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