Saturday, November 4, 2017

Getting Out - Boulevard of Scary/Sexy Dreams

On Tuesday morning, either my alarm didn't go off or I slept right through it.  Either way, I was going to be late for work and I decided I couldn't show up late on Halloween and not be dressed up!  I did a quick inventory of what I had handy... (You see, I intended to plan for this, but the weekend of shows and a late night party on Saturday, had me so exhausted that Sunday night I just wanted to get home.  I inadvertently left my make-up and accoutrements at the theatre).  I came up with a costume I called a character from the classic novel THINGS NOT SO GREAT, GATSBY.
I spent the whole day at work in this dress with no bra or pantyhose (hairy legs & all, "I'll shave my legs when we're all rich again!") and I must say I was very comfortable!  I was asked to emcee the employee costume contest and enjoyed the show

My favorite comment about my costume, which totally nailed it, was from my friend Mike Lorre, "But how can she get her tassels flying and have no fucks to give at the same time?"

After work, it was my biggest desire to plop down on the sofa and watch a scary movie or two, but because I have to get out potentially meet a potential lover, I joined muh DAB, Glenn Gaylord for a jaunt on the Santa Monica Boulevard, here, in West Hollywood.

Here, I share a few of my favorite sightings...


Fabulous, no?  
I didn't meet a potential lover, but I did gain an appreciation for body paint, shirtless ghouls and hot, hairy mens with giant bear heads!!

The walk from one end to the other took about 2 hours and I got quite a few steps in!
I also had a little time to watch THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR.
As tired as I was, I was glad I got out!  ...again!

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