Friday, November 3, 2017

Getting Out - Hot Spooks!

I've taken a break from regaling you with a recap of my birthday trip (how is that taking more than a month?) to share with you some sites of my Halloween season!

First, I performed in Chico's Angels 4: Chicas Are 4Ever, as Frieda Laye

then, instead of going home and wrapping myself in my cozy blankets in bed, I swapped wigs, became Reba Areba and rushed off to Muh DAB Dudley's Halloween Party.
I missed a few friends because I got there a little after midnight, but the party was still going strong!
I totally loved, our host's costume; Pennywise from IT ... a little modified.

The rest of the crowd was decked out nicely, too!

I had a great time, but really paid for it the next day, when we had a two show Sunday.
Also, it was a lovely primer for Tuesday's Halloween festivities...
which I'll tell you about tomorrow.

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