Tuesday, February 20, 2018

He Don't Even Know -HomoTextual

Meet "Hernando",
He's so into me 
that he spends every free moment of his time 
texting me!

They aren't nosing, check up text like;
"Where are you?"
 "What are you doing?"
"Why didn't you tell me you weren't going to be home at 6:00?"

There more like;
"Just thinking of you with my big organ.
My brain, Cochino!"
"I'm standing here with my shirt off and thought,
'Danny would enjoy this'- here's a pic..."
"I just saw a puppy fall into his food and I thought of you"

He is simply adorable and the most amazing thing about this is
he never even peeks at his phone when we're dining,
watching TV or even while having sex!

*Cochino means "Nasty" in Mexican.

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