Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This Is Why I Am Single - Check it!

When you're tragically single, it becomes very easy to go into a downward spiral of cataloguing all the reasons you think you're undesirable.  I say FUCK THAT!    Take those negative thoughts and turn them inside out, because what you think is undesirable about yourself is probably what makes you fabulous!  

I've wondered if maybe some guys think I'm too gay, but AIN'T NO SUCH THING!

I love being gay and everything that goes along with it mostly because Gay = Fun!
Sometimes I feel like I live in one of my favorite childhood magazines and I have a blast finding all the great things about being gay.  Please, join me as I dive into my own publication, Guylights Magazine For Gays...

This is a photo called MIDNIGHT SNACK. 
Find all the things gay about it!

Did you find them all?
Scroll down for the answer key!

Nice scroll!
Here we go, in a clockwise motion...

1.  Framed portrait of Julie Brown by Austin Young
2. Giant pink Mecha Banana by Frank Kozik
3. Broadway Magnets all over the refrigerator
4. Organic cherry juice and champagne cocktail
5.  Cashmere sweater (Possibly Ladies' cut)
6. The big homo in the center!

Did you get them all?
Do you see more?
How are you gay?

This Is Why I Am Single: Sometimes I am too busy enjoying being gay to be worried about being gay with someone else.

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