Monday, May 21, 2018

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season Overload Part 1

I'd love do go see that funny superhero movie with you, but I'm too busy!!

Drag Season has falen upon me and I'm still sorting it all out!  Why, I haven't even told you I had a second day of RuPaul's DragCon to get through...

Then, after that exhausting day, I still managed to make it over to Precinct DTLA
 for Drag Bust with Love, Connie

(It was THIS guy's birthday)

And, as you can see from the last photo, my eye lashes were starting to do that thing where it looks like I just had a stroke...  I had to call it a night.  So, with this full day of drag and more activity approaching, I just can't imagine laughing at a guy in a red body-tight suit in a theater while holding your hand without wanting to constantly peek at your watch!  So, thank you for the invite, but I'm too busy!!

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