Saturday, May 26, 2018

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season Overload Part 3

I'd love to go to that swimming party with you where all the hunky guys ask us to rub sunblock on their rock hard muscly backs, but I can't!  I'm too busy!

After attending the fun goings on at Overboard LBC, I had to get up early, apply some slap, slip into a dress and hop onto a float!

I rode the BEST IN DRAG SHOW float in the Long Beach Pride Pride Parade.  I had a lovely time!  I enjoyed the festivities with my fellow BIDS contestants...

Totally showed my appreciation to the banner bearers...

Laughed at the funny stuff event leader, Lotta Slots, was saying over the loud speaker...

And completely surrendered to the help of our hunky helpers and co-floatees!

The parade itself was a very nice time!  

I loved seeing Grand Marshal, Alexandra Billings!

I enjoyed myself very much and regret that my poor planning has me in NY and unable to ride the BIDS float in the LA Pride Parade.

Meanwhile, I'm still dragging it up this week in VIVA LAS CHICAS
(Photo by Mike Pingel)

 And trying to get with cute guys in the audience...
(Photo by Mike Pingel)

There's still tickets for one of our many performance tonight and tomorrow

Get tickets Here

So while I'd like to get all hot with you, rubbing hot mens back and fighting UV rays, 
I can't! I'm too busy!!

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  1. Oh, yeah.....there's a couple of cuties in there. including at least one guy who does porn.