Tuesday, February 26, 2019

He Don't Even Know! - Thank You For the Music

Meet "George"
I fell in love with him because of his spontaneity!
He's always whisking me away on
sudden adventures
and always says what he thinks & feels.
I love it!

In this moment,
a song popped into his head.
He just took a seat on the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard
and sang away.
He made a few dollars, 
from passers-by
which spent on Vanilla Lattes, later.

The only bad thing is
he also expresses his sexual desires
anytime and anywhere!
So, sometimes
the song we're singing
is coming from behind a parked car 
or large cardboard cutout of  the cast of 

So, George, 
Thank you for the music 
and the song we're singing.

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