Thursday, June 27, 2019

Gay of a Certain Age - Yes, We Caftan!

My friend, Gregory Gordon, had a birthday party this past weekend and I was delighted to attend. ...but first I tortured myself with the idea of just shutting myself in for the weekend and enjoying some alone time in my apartment, which I haven't had in weeks!  What with cat sitting, immediately followed by dog sitting and work and 3 days of wedding events and Gay Pride and Star Wars at Disneyland and book signings and special anniversary screenings... I really wanted some alone time at home.  Also, did I really want to go to a THEMED birthday party?  

Gregory's birthday party theme was Palm Spring Realness: Caftans & Hats!

I am lucky to have found a group of friends who really know how to work a theme.  (Even at their (my) laziest, they are at least, theme appropriate.)  And, the party had it all...
Pool time fun & merriment

There were games... like this odd balls on a rope you try to wrap around a rack...

And there was food
With Matt at the grill, you knew it was gonna be hot!

There was a brief modeling session

there were even SIMULATED water sports!!

And, of course, Birthday Cake (Presented by Tegr, who created a theme appropriate, Palm Springs hot tub cake!)

It was a nice time of friends hanging out and having fun, 

which made so glad I didn't decide to stay in my apartment, alone on a Sunday afternoon instead of cherishing the great friends I have!

Finally, there was a costume change, ala Angela Landsbury at the Tonys, where Gregory got a little more comfortable in sequins.

And now, the caftan parade!

As a Gay of a Certain Age, I realize how important it is to be with the people you love & care about, as well as how important it is to not shy away from a party theme!


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