Friday, May 6, 2016

Getting Out - Of Margaritan Descent

I am a proud American of Mexican descent and I can tell you, with no reservations, that last night, after work, I went to Marix, met up with some DABs & friends and celebrated Cinco de Mayo responsibly.  Because some of my DABs & friends are ethnically challenged, I was sure to start the festivities off with a full explanation of what Cino de Mayo means in Mexico.  In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo means Fifth of May.  In the U.S. it means, get dressed up in potentially offensive garb & fake mustaches and get wasted!  I'm not one of the Latinos who is horribly offended by the bastardization of the occasion because I figure any celebration of anything Mexican is a plus!  I'm just saying, Celebrate now before Trump is elected president, buys up Hallmark and gets the day cancelled in the states...



Sure, we might have drunk a little too much...

...and enjoyed a little campy stereotyping,

but not all mustaches were fake

and we gave the margaritas right back!

It was a perfectly harmless night, especially when I actually followed my own rule and had food to sop up the alcohol, instead of my spongy brain.  We walked over to Basix, where I enjoyed some tasty carnitas & iced tea, while muh DABS, enjoyed a pizza and tacos.  Despite it being a work night, I was very glad that I did not just schlep home after work and watch TV, like part of me told me too. Getting out is good!  ...especially if it includes a nice bit of man watching/husband chasing!
(Too sober to love me)

(Too sober to love me)
(at this point, tequila is USELESS!)

This annual tradition of post-work Marix & Basix margarita/fooding is a very nice thing for me. I enjoy being around my friends, old & new, laughing & catching up, watching mens, flirting with strangers and trying to figure out whose pitcher is whose.  This has happened for many years and I hope it continues.  Maybe that's why I don't mind the things that other Latinos find offensive and distasteful, although I can see why they would be: It's just that right where I am, all that shit comes from a place of love & joy. 

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