Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gay of A Certain Age - These Little Feets of Mine AKA Mortified

People, I am MORTIFIED! Yesterday, not one day after vowing to get fit & recreate my friend Geoff's picture, I have had an extremely horrifying experience with muh DAB, Brett.  Brett's contribution to my fitness needs, after trying everything else, is to get me to walk more.  Yesterday, as we've done a few times before, we planned to walk from his house to the Westfield Mall in Century City to watch a movie.  This trip's movie was THE NICE GUYS
I was a little weary because the times we have done this before, I've suffered from chaffing so awful that it feels like wearing a barbed wire jockstrap.  Even with that pain, I soldiered on until we got back to his place.  This time, as we approached the half way mark(1.5 of 3 miles), my legs started to ache as the muscles along my shins, down to my feet seized up.  As I felt it coming on, I casually requested we stop to stretch for a second, not letting on how much pain I was experiencing.  More painful was the fight in my head, trying to go on in tremendous pain or just stopping and confessing that I couldn't go on.  There was also confusion; just the week before, I was in the Bronx, walking in the heat trying to find the Botanical Garden that promised to be just a block or two from the Fordham subway stop according to the map.  It was a long walk.  I walked all over New York for 5 days, without this problem.  Why now, with Brett, was this an issue?  Confusion or not, we stopped.  I confessed to Brett that I couldn't make it.  He was gracious and called an Uber, to drive us a shameful 1.5 miles.  Well, it turns out, it was a good thing we did, because we got there with only a little time to spare, we would never have made it in time for the movie!

Even though I enjoyed the movie very much, and we enjoyed a very nice lunch at Rock Sugar (Where I loved the fabulous Festive Rice) I was awash in embarrassment.  Why'd this have to happen with Brett, of all friends?  He is my most focused friend with will power and discipline to match.  Even though he was supportive, I still felt like I let him down... and robbed him of 1.5 miles of planned fitness.  Well, it's just more motivation to get more fit, right?  I have got make it up to him.  I owe Brett 1.5 miles.  I suppose now is a good time to get started on that hot water diet he's been trying to get me on.  Cheers!
Chef Brett with my prepared hot water

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