Saturday, March 12, 2016


11:40 AM - My goodness!  With this illness, work and stage stuff, I'm quite the busy beaver!
Last night's Mismatch game was a hoot... that I'll tell you about later! I'm too busy!

3:30 PM - I should be writing whatever I'm going to perform on Monday night, but I'm updating my blog, instead.

4:23 PM - Did I tell you I saw this in West Hollywood Park earlier today?

4:59 PM - I'm actually writing!! Well, I was, then I stopped to post this.

5:22 PM - Have I shown you my new Dunny?  It's 8 inches!!

5:29 PM - Is my character Reba Areba smart enough to make a statement like, " he just opens his mouth and vomits up words, like he was possessed by the Underwood Devil"?  I like the the typewriter reference that is also a food reference... but does anyone even remember Underwood typewriters?  Does anyone even remember Underwood Devil potted meats?  Arg!  this is why I can never finish writing anything!

5:49 PM - Almost there!  I need a "graceful dismount".

6:00 PM - DONE!!!  Oh my God!  I hope you come to the show Monday night because this may be a pretty good performance of one of my better first drafts!!   Now I have to memorize it.  I'll do that later.  I have to go get muh DAB Glenn, 'cause we're going to dinner, then to see The Mismatch Game!  I love it even when I'm not in it!!

Writing rocks!  

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