Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Is Why I Am Single - No Lack of Integra-ty

I have a date tomorrow!  WHAT?  No, it's true!  I've been so terribly busy I have had so little time to write about it.  I must really be into this guy because he is Geographically Undesirable.  If I wasn't really into him, would I agree to drive ALL THE WAY to Long Beach on a Friday afternoon?  Here's the thing, I'm worried once I get there, he'll wanna hop in my car to get to dinner & the movie.  My car is fine and I love it, but it is a 2000 Acura Integra that is a little beat up, which may cause some to judge me and pull me over to the undateable lane.  Ideally, I wouldn't date someone who judges people based on the car they drive, but once in awhile, I worry that I'm insufficient in my jalopy.  "Why don't you just buy a new car?", one might ask.  One reason is that I've never been one to flaunt, mostly because I used to never have anything worthy of flaunting, but I really don't care for displays of wealth.  That goes along with my dislike for seeming insincere.  Also, I am blessed enough to work within walking distance of my home, and I live in the very walkable West Hollywood, so I don't really spend much time in my car.  The main reason is that while I do enjoy the comfortable life of a single gay with a disposable income, I don't have a huge amount of money.  I choose to have an older car that is paid for with a cheaper insurance rate in exchange for traveling, eating out and entertaining myself as I please.  I have no credit cards, so I pay as I go and I find that more comfortable than a hard leather seat with a new car smell and monthly charge.

This Is Why I Am Single; I would rather go to New York and see DISASTER!, again at the drop of a hat, than try to impress people I don't know with a shiny metal box on wheels that would spend most of its time in my garage.  Even so, once in a while, I'll park a little distance away rather than use the valet at a fancy party in Palm Springs or too eagerly accept an "I'll come to you" from a date, because I feel a little shallowly insecure.  Yeah, I must trust that this Hottie won't judge me based on what I drive.  Conversely, I don't know what he's got in the garage, but I do know he drives me to distraction when he smiles.

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  1. You should see how guys react when I tell them I have a bicycle!