Monday, March 14, 2016

He Don't Even Know! - I'll Take the Bus

Hi, "Davey"!
"Davey", I imagine, is thinking up 
another way to surprise me
while courting my love.
Here's a picture from that time he surprised me
with a city tour
on a double-decker bus, 
where he was the tour guide
and I was the only tourist.
It was truly sexy and entertaining
as the bus drove past notable romantic 
Los Angeles sites, 
with "Davey" narrating in only
his blue trunks and the California sun!
The tour ended at Will Rogers Beach 
in Santa Monica.
Funny enough, it took us an hour to get off 

the bus.
The best imaginary date ever!

We were mortified when "Davey" realized
he left his narrator's microphone on
while we were getting off

the bus.
I'm sure it's nothing the fellas at 
Will Rogers Beach 
haven't heard before.
...except for my rendition of 
"Giants In The Sky"
immediately after.

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