Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BLOG of a Certain Age - ONE YEAR!

I've been so busy Dying Alone, that I missed my first anniversary!  Back on February 26, I hit one year of blogging!  It's been a fun time pondering, grousing and bragging and I thank you for visiting.

In that year, I have uploaded 275 posts.  When I first started, I was obsessed with blogging every day, but I pulled back some when a reader or two told me slow down.  It became apparent that I wasn't going to have a great "being single" moment every day to write about and sometimes, I almost had to kill somebody or myself, to get to my lap top.  So, here I am, not every day and still single.

I've posted about the few dates I've had, which is five I think...  Hopefully there'll be more in the coming 365, eh?  I've posted about a few personal items, of the emotional and physical variety, that some have thought are embarrassing.  I say, screw that!  I have no shame where human frailties are involved.  I cry over stuff or I can't keep a boner sometimes... big woop!  If anyone can find comfort in knowing that they are not the only ones who feel that way because they read I'm going through it, too, Yay!  If someone is embarrassed for me, it's a waste of shame they obviously need for themselves and time wasted that they could be fucking themselves, as I would suggest they do.
I've mourned the death of family, friend and pets. I've talked about my non-relationship with the man I call my alleged father.  I've posted pictures of imaginary boyfriends.  Mostly, I'm happy that I've used my own photographs to illustrate my feelings and events in my posts.  Save for the few pop-culture pics & GIFs here and there, every photo I use is my own.

My most popular posts are, in order of popularity, about;
Men & Dogs,
Thinking I was fat years ago
My trouble with Jesus Christ

My biggest readership out of the USA is in Germany!

The largest percentage of readers use Firefox.

The biggest referrals to my page come from Facebook and the fabulous KENNETH IN THE 212.
Thank you, Kenneth!

I've posted of 70 pictures of shirtless men!

Most of all, I've enjoyed myself.  I hope you enjoy it, too, because there's more to come!

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