Sunday, July 17, 2016

Getting Out - Out Festive

Last night muh DAB, Glenn and I had a nice dinner at Basix and walked up to the Director's Guild of America to catch an OUTFEST movie.

As you know, sometimes I have to battle myself to get me to leave my apartment, but this time, I was lured away by the promise of a movie based on a real murder in the gay porn world!  Exciting, no?

The movie was KING COBRA, starring an produced by James Franco, who was also the recipient of the inaugural James Schamus Ally Award.  It's the story of a porn producer murdered by two rival porn guys, all centering around porn cutie, Brent Corrigan. The movie was sexy without being gratuitous. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I was really annoyed by the really bad lighting throughout the movie.  Muh DAB, Glenn, didn't mind it and said it was prolly an effort at making the movie somewhat film noir.  Meanwhile, I was bothered that I kept seeing the well light extra behind the silhouettes of the main characters eating sushi. 

There was a Q & A afterwards, but the audience did not get to ask questions, so I remained stymied in learning what the filmmaker was thinking, or if they had a REALLY low budget.  Molly Ringwald is in the movie, but you'd hardly know it, unless you know the outline of her hair really well.   In the end, as I said, I enjoyed the movie despite the lighting.

What I enjoyed more was seeing a few folks I haven't seen in awhile, like Robert and Dyana, who generously escorted us in. Josh Schiowitz, whom I don't see much, since he lives in New York.  I  also got to see Erik, whom I haven't seen in years!  He recently joined the Facebook and messaged me when he saw my post saying I was there.  It was a really nice, if brief, reunion.  So, if I didn't see a perfect movie, at least I has a perfectly delightful time seeing old friends.  I'm glad I got out!

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