Sunday, July 31, 2016

Too Busy For Love - Pride in Matching Water Angels

GOODNESS!  I'd love to go to the Greek Theatre to go see that lady who likes to give people something to talk about, or the Hollywood Bowl to see that one singular sensation, but I have too many photos to edit!!  With all of my activities, I'm still editing photos from Gay Pride, almost 2 months ago!  If I don't finish, you may never get to see the photos that go with these...

I had a nice time at Pride, but that was the day I fell into my Orlando funk...

But I also had my friends around to remind me that we shouldn't stop shining!

Don't get too excited about seeing more photos, I still have over 400 more to sort & edit.

And while I do stuff & edit, I amass more photos to get to!  You almost didn't even hear about the pool party I went to last month...

So, please be patient, because, I can't stop doing the things I love, so that I can stay home and edit photos!

Would you have had me miss one of the things I love doing most, Dennis Hensley's The Mismatch Game?

I always go to the night I'm not performing to enjoy the the amazing casts that Dennis puts together.  Saturday I got to enjoy Nicol Paone (above) as Arianna Huffington and Julie Brown (just above) as Melania Trump, as well as Rachel Butera, Kay Sedia, Felix Pire and the hilarious, Tom Lenk as Zooey Deschanel...

My night, I had a blast with Drew Droege, Maile Flanagan, Chris Pudlo, Tom Lenk (again), and another person I admire very much, Jackie Beat as Bea Arthur.

I can't tell you why I feel so lucky to share the stage with these amazing performers, all I know is that I get a great opportunity to learn from them and I while it's not a competition, I hope I can even get near to their genius.   Here's my response to the prompt "Beloved film director Garry Marshall passed away this week. To honor their breakthrough film together, Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts plans to show up to his memorial service with_______"
The answer, if you can't read it was "August Osage County on Blu-Ray.  She can do drama, Gary!"
Muh DAB, Glenn, said he liked the answer because it was fun that I yelled at a dead Garry Marshal.
Also, aside from getting to perform, learn from genius performers and have fun, handsome mens come to see the show...

And don't be thinking that  I'll be getting a chance to tackle those photos any time soon, 
I've started rehearsals for CHICO'S ANGELS FIVE-0
It's an entirely new show, so I'll actually have to concentrate on rehearsal.  We open on August 25, so I'll be really busy with that and work and meetings and other social outings.  I endure it all to bring you more of this...
(Yes, Duke is returning)

So, you'll have to wait to romance me at a fancy concert.  I'm too busy!!

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