Monday, June 8, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age - Plowers In the Attic 2; If There Be Porns

I have so much crap piled in my home, it's time for a yard sale.
Sometimes that means saying goodbye to stuff that you are still fond of,
but that there's no room for in your life.  You know, like seasons of REVENGE.
Since it finally went off the air, my DVR is a little cleaner and so is my life.
I love you Emily Thorn/Amanda Clarke, but enough.

As a Gay of a Certain Age, I think I am almost ready to let go of my DVD porn.
I've done it before. At a West Hollywood yard sale, I packed several nice bags with 9 or 10
gay porn DVDs and labeled each one "Bag O Porn" and sold them for $5 or $3 depending on my mood.  It was a little difficult to see them walk off with horny strangers,
but luckily and unfortunately, they were fully replaced with new movies & stars within a year or so.
Now, I've come to embrace the internet before bedtime and I have a good stash of DVD
and few favorite VHS porn that are largely ignored.  They've sat in my closet, unwatched for at least a year.
I must say that the idea of selling off or >GASP< giving away my Chris Rockway movies is
making me tremble... I might keep those.
I've had a mad crush on Chris Rockway since I first laid eyes on him at L.A. Pride 2008.
Yeah, I'll keep those...
and my Paul Wagner movies... I might keep those.
He just seems like a sweet guy, you know?
Yeah I'll keep those.  But I'm getting rid of the others!
I need more space and less clutter, so this Gay of a Certain Age is saying 
goodbye to the physical and hello to the naughty stuff in the air!

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