Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - Just Been There, Just Done That

So, I went to Santa Fe this past weekend and had a great time.  Nobody asked me, so I'll tell you.
I made a promise to myself that every year I would go some place I have never been.  I've knocked out all but ten states in the U.S. over the years.  Sometimes, I get so busy throughout the year that it goes by so quickly that I realize I didn't go anywhere I hadn't been.  This year I'd decided to combine a visit with my friends Ted & Eduardo in El Paso with somewhere close enough to drive.  Santa Fe was the perfect choice.

I enjoyed the historic sites and artsy stores.  The atmosphere was fun and inspirational while the climate was cool and bracing.  While I enjoyed a few gourmet meals, my favorite meal was a bowl of Frito Pie!
What really made this dish a tasty treat was the chili, obviously not from a can, that had the perfect amount of beans and meat in a delicious red chili sauce that had the right amount of heat dancing on my tongue throughout.

We also enjoyed the night life!
We hit The Matador early and got some great suggestions for dinner.
I made it clear that I was single and available, but I had no takers.  I did have some guy buy me a Campari & Soda... When we walked in and ordered, the bartender asked where we were from and once he herad Texas, Bob (maybe his real name) chimed in with "I'll buy their drinks!"  Bob and his gal turned out to be delightful company, in from Dallas.  After a nice visit (plus another Campari & soda) we headed of to dinner, where I enjoyed a fancy shrimp enchilada.  After dinner we headed to Evangelo's.
I must say it got a little wild, what with me having to forgo Campari for Amaretto on the rocks!  Then it got even wilder when Bob from Dallas walked in the door and boughtanother round!
The conversation was bustling and it was all fun & games, until Bob's ?teenth Coors Light hit and he started talking about killing all Muslims, so I suddenly announced, "My mom says I have to go home now."  Ted said, "Who can argue with his mom?" and we thanked Bob for his generosity, while slipping out the door.

The next morning I enjoyed a super tasty chile relleno omlette at the Plaza Cafe, then headed to an artsy district where we explored a few shops, galleries and outdoor dislays.

After a few purchases, we stopped at Teahouse for a delectable lunch just before hitting the road, back to El Paso.  My favorite part of that meal was the Key Lime pie which I haven't enjoyed since I went gluten-free a few years ago.  Thank you for a gluten-free crust, Teahouse!

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I think it's important to explore our world and seek out new experiences.  I don't know where the new place I will visit will be, next year, but I look forward to the new adventure!

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  1. I like that tradition... I'm in search of a new one after I put a moratorium of going somewhere different every New Years for about 10 years... thinking it's easier (and cheaper) to travel in off peak times. Great idea!