Monday, November 30, 2015

S'up Muh DAB? - The Value of Kitty Gems

This week in Palm Springs was amazing.  Certainly, the time away from work in a quiet little desert city and tasty eats was quite the tonic, but it was my fellow DABs (Die Alone Buddies) that made the week so special.  Five single gays with no agenda, save for relaxing & having fun in a house with a swimming pool and great lighting; a really big ball of crazy.  As the week wound away, muh DAB, Dennis and I completed a jigsaw puzzle

We enjoyed the pool

We had an Iron On afternoon that went horribly awry

We went to the movies

We ate out often

We entertained guests

Our greatest accomplishment was putting together an entire Thanksgiving dinner!

It was a special meal with special folk

My favorite moment, if I could pick one, was the fabulous fun-time photo shoot that yieled the "Kitty" gems

The most valuable part of the week was the time spent enjoying each others' company, whether we were listening to a new music "mix tape", recording a pod cast, watching TWO HEADED SHARK ATTACK, sitting around talking or even annoying each other, these guys reminded me that I may not have a partner, but I do have friends that will be there with me and will not let me die alone. ...especially because they may be the ones holding a pillow to my face. (As I am smothered, I will appreciate that the pillowcase will feature the above photo- as made at Zazzle)

Check out muh DAB, Dennis' podcast

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