Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Trials of Man Solo - Cramp Ball

Oh my God, You guys!
I almost took my blog literally yesterday!
At 5:30 am, I woke up with my stomach churning and gurgling sounds that only Captain Nemo could have heard before.  I ran to the terlet and thus began my torturous day of hell dealing with FOOD POISONING.  I felt terrible!  I seriously started to understand suicide as the early hours were filled with so much pain & discomfort and I thought, "what if I'm like this for the rest of my life?  I can't take this!"  I seriously have more empathy for anyone living with chronic pain, because my moments of discomfort were driving me mad, imagine if there was real pain involved.  Again, as I ran to the terlet and back to bed, I lamented not having someone there, but I was also grateful that there was no one there as I embarassed myself with whimpering and whining, because I know there's nothing anyone could have done (except maybe call an ambulance if I passed out and didn't come to) and I would just have to ride it out.  I will say that I'm gratedful that I, at least, have a maid twice a month because as I lay naked on the floor in a cramping ball, I knew it was clean.

At about noon I had a great vomiting session where I could feel my condition lessen immediately after.  Still, I was weak and my stomach & back were terribly achy.  My thinking became clearer and any thoughts of ending it all were safely away, (I never seriously contemplated it, but I did gain some understanding of it) but my thoughts weren't any less dramatic as I thought, "I almost died today!"
So, I barely escaped dying alone.  Thank goodness I had contacted my boss and a DAB, or two, so that if I did die of food poisoning, it wouldn't be a week or two before my naked body was discovered on my bathroom floor.  I did try to tidy up, just in case...

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