Sunday, November 29, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - A Gay Old Time

My time in Palm Springs has been a fabulous mix of relaxation, activity and gayness!  
One of my favorite things to do is go to Wang's for dinner with the fellas, then off to the Spurline for drinks and videos!
This bar is great because they play showtunes & videos all the time!  The videos featured are old & new and everyone seems to enjoy them whether they know the songs or not.  You can walk in and have INTO THE WOODS on the screen and have HELLO, DOLLY bid you farewell as you head back to the aparment of the showtune loving lover who has seduced you during XANADU. 
That Dolly Levi, ever the match maker!

But, where else can you go that the entire bar grabs napkins and literally waves "Bye Bye, Birdie"?

It's always a great night, because I find that, as a Gay of A Certain Age, some of the uniquely gay experiences are fading away.  Gay bars are more inclusive now and you have party girls in there, followed by the straight guys who realize there's less competition at the gay bars and the music is better.  So, because everyone likes to dance, it's easy to go the gay bar.  Showtunes have not seemed to have caught on in the party girl world, nor with the straight guys who follow them to gay bars.  This place is a little haven where a gay can enjoy bonding with everyone else singing OKLAHOMA!  It's also refreshing to see gays of every age there, appreciating the old stuff, or learning about it, along with the newer things.  It is a unique experience that still feels uniquely gay.  I like that.  I cherish this little bar in Palm Springs because the L.A. gays can't seem to support even one night dedicated to showtunes, so it's on these sparse visits to the desert that I can truly enjoy myself.  I even stay at the bar when my group goes to the dance club across the street.  Maybe, this is why I'm single, too, but I like this reason.  I'll take SWEENY TODD over Justin Bieber any day!!

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