Wednesday, November 4, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - No Party Game

So, I was at four different parties this week and had a great time,
but in retrospect, it wasn't all THAT great because I didn't have any moments that
led to me getting any closer to a date.  Sure, there was a little flirting, but it never got any farther than that.  One of my issues is, I don't like to try to pick up when I'm in drag.  One reason is I know some guys have issues with the drag, which I find understandable, so I don't make any actual advances in the make-up.  Ironically, there are many a hot man who will sidle up to someone in drag to get attention and become very, very flirtatious.
I wish I knew how to parlay THIS into a date!

Another reason I don't like to pick up in drag is the absolute opposite of the last, I know there are some guys who have a fetishized interest in someone in the drag.  It's weird for me.  First, I'm very close to both of the characters I play and that would be like watching a sister have sex!  Secondly, I want to know that the guy is into ME and not the pantyhose & bra, because when those come off, It's the real me that's laying there.

While I was in drag for all of these parties, because of the timing with my show, I can't totally blame the dress.  There are a plenty of parties I go to, not in drag, where I fail miserably.  Maybe my choice in costume last year was a little too on the nose.
A self fulfilling prophecy?

I grabbed a costume from the rack and built a concept around it...  I was the Virgin Murray, who is forever wondering why he can't get laid.  I liked it because it showed my unmade-up face and was easy to remove, should anyone want to change me.  No one did.  I always strike out, even at the non-costume parties.  How do I turn, Fun Party Me into Fun Date-Getter at a Party Me?

This is Why I Am Single, when I'm out at a party, I don't seem to meet and appeal to anyone who wants to take the fun further.  When I'm in drag, I don't even try and, I must confess, when I'm at parties, I tend to hang with folks I already know.  So, I will make it my goal, in the next set of holiday parties I attend to get at least one date!  I'll be happy with a phone number that isn't the "Weather Hot Line", but I won't be successful until I get a date!

I hope I have another Gaychievement to report to you all soon!

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