Monday, November 2, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Legend of Gaystoke

This is my "boyfriend", "Carl".
This year he swore to me that we were absolutley not
going out on the boulevard in West Hollywood
for Halloween this year.
Then, at about 6:00 PM
he suddenly changed his mind
and begged me to leave the house 
and our DVD rental of 
When I mentioned he didn't have a costume,
he literally reached into a plastic bag full
of fabric scraps to make something for himself.
It would have gotten him kicked off of Project Runway,
but I thought he looked cute (and modest)
in his makeshift Tarzan outfit (with long shorts under).
I love his scappy "can do" attititude!

Back at home after walking Santa Gauntlet Boulevard,
he yelled "UNGAWA!"
and I suddenly turned into Cheeta
and he really showed me who was 
Lord of the Apes!

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