Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting Out - Everybody Go Bangles!

So, yesterday, I woke up and planned my day; "Go to work, come home, watch CAROL, go to bed"
Easy breezy, right?  Also, why I'm single, right?  Then sometime in the morning I got a message from my friend, Kenneth currently in the 213 asking if I would like to join him for a night of Susanna Hoffs & Belinda Carlisle.  I immediately thought, "NO. STAY HOME. WATCH MOVIE. SLEEP." So, I replied, "I would love to."  Accordingly, after work, I rushed home, downed for a 20 minute nap, got up, changed and made my way down to Largo.  I thought I'd leave a little extra early to find parking, even though it would take me only three minutes to drive down.  Then I got inspired! I had enough time to walk there! I had no idea what had gotten in to me.  Can you imagine walking from Santa Monica Boulevard, down passed Melrose, all the way to Beverly?  I found it difficult to imagine, so I hopped on a bus that was right on the corner of La Cienega and Santa Monica the same moment I was. PLUS, I had a tap card in my pocket, so it was free! Thanks City of West Hollywood!

SIDEBAR (in the OJ trial sense, not actually page lay out, because that's literally over there --->):
 I work in the Long Range and Mobility Planning Division of the City of West Hollywood and one of our goals is to get people to use their cars less.  Well, look at me!  I did exactly that!  ...And it was relatively painless!  Good on us!)

So, I met Kenneth and the guys at Largo and we had a great time.  Actually, Kenneth gives a great recap HERE.

After the show, we said quick goodbyes and scurried away in our varied directions.  I even WALKED home. The walk was very pleasant.  Actually, the entire evening was a blast and I am glad I shushed the inner-lazy in me and enjoyed this entertaining week night, only a twenty minute walk from my sofa.  Thank you, Kenneth for getting me out!  I actually got home and watched CAROL, too!  It was a late night (and an even earlier morning!), but it was well worth it!  

FYI, tonight's plan is to sit and watch BRIDGE OF SPIES, so don't call!

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