Monday, January 25, 2016

This Is Why I Am Single - It's in the Cards

Once again, Craft Night was a joy!  There's nothing like having a bunch of friends over to take scissors and cut their hearts out.

It doesn't matter whether they had someone to craft a card for or just some aggression to craft off, it's always nice to gather and share conversation, laughs & cocktails.

This is why I am single; I've taken to crafting cards that are not quite conducive to romance...

I need to make sure that what I make to amuse myself, doesn't become an unintentional mantra.
Sure, irony is fun, but it doesn't let you buy it dinner, then not even kiss you goodnight before excusing itself because it's unexpectedly tired.  
What I've learned is sometimes, you gotta give love a chance and invite it in.  So, while I'm cleaning up this humongous pile of colored paper, glitter and cut outs over the next few days, I'll take a lesson from my friend, Steven and craft a card about love...

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