Saturday, October 31, 2015

Still Too Busy For Love! - Work/Show/Party

I'd love to go walk amongst the 300,000 shirtless gays & 200,000 slutty girls & 100,000 scared straight hunks, & 200,000  uncostumed looy-loos with you in West Hollywood tonight, but I'm still too busy!!

I've even been too busy to blog!  What with working all day, then doing the show...

Then rushing off to a different party every night after the show...

I gets so crazy, that I can't even think of trying to fall in love!  If I keep this up, I'll be too busy to eat!  At least, then, I'd be as thin & sexy as this girl.
She was so confident she wore nothing but the shiny stuff.  I mean NOTHING BUT!
I swear I saw her glittoris!

I'll be done Sunday!
But thanks for asking!

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