Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Too Busy For Love - New York Kisses

I would love to go to that hilarious super hero movie with you and make out in the back row, but I can't!  I'm too busy!  You see, I have to go to New York tomorrow and catch up on Broadway shows (Mostly revivals)!

I'm most excited about DISASTER!  I love a good disaster movie parody with hit songs and a nun!

After I get back from New York, I have to write, rehearse and perform in a show (2 different ones, really) that will eventually take me to Puerto Villarta in March!  Yeah, it's the drag again...  Drag Season is warming up!

See above?  I play Reba Areba one night, then Frieda Laye the next! Crazy!
If you wanna see how the L.A. run goes for me, you can get tix HERE.

So think of me when you're watching the hunky guy in the tight red body suit and I'll try to make you laugh in person, when I'm not so busy!!

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